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  • Epson calendar 2024 Spectacuar Harmonious June - Gold Medal SI 66
  • American Illustration 43 SELECTED WINNER Margaret Atwood cover arts series for Corriere Della Sera
  • Covers illustrated by Balbusso Twins
  • Penguin Random House UK
    Cover art for Circus of Mirrors by Julie Owen Moyl Penguin Random House UK
  • Cover Art by Balbusso Twins for Disney Books USA
  • Cover art These Deathless Shores by Phoebe Low Orbit Books (Hachette Group) USA
  • Historical Fiction Mary I: Queen of Sorrows by Alison Weir, HB Headline UK
    Mary I: Queen of Sorrows Historical Fiction Mary I: Queen of Sorrows by Alison Weir, HB Headline UK
  • Epson Calendar 2024 Spectacular (cover)
  • Epson Calendar 2024 Sport Series, Institutional category
    GOLD MEDAL Society of Illustrators 2024 Epson Calendar 2024 Sport Series, Institutional category
  • Casanova The New Yorker Magazine
    CA's Award f Excellence Casanova The New Yorker Magazine
  • The New Yorker Magazine Priscilla Presley
  • Epson Calendar 2024 Vernissage Milan November 6 2023
  • Epson Calendar 2024 Vernissage Milan November 6 2023
  • 3x3 Best of Show Annual 20 Margaret Atwood covers Corriere Della Sera
  • Balbusso Twins featured Graphis Journal 377 Graphis Inc.
  • Graphis Platinum Award Graphis Design Annual 2024
  • The Great Gatsby Book Beehive Books USA
  • Sisters in Science children picture book New Italian and French editions


" Illustrating with Two Souls " from Graphis Journal #377

WIA 2024
Award 2024

WIA 2024 Longlist Artists

Our Margaret Atwood's masterpiece entry has been longlisted for WIA2024 Book Covers category! For us this is a great achievement! Only 500 entries on the longlist, chosen from over 5,000 entries! We created 21 cover artworks for the Margaret Atwood's masterpieces collection published by Corriere Della Sera. We used our strong graphic expressive language for literary novels with visionary and dystopian atmospheres and also for essays, short stories and poems. Many thanks to the  WIA Jury @TheAOI@DirIllustration @WorldIllustrationAwards. Special thanks to @corriere @xxystudio for this amazing project.

Award 2024


Our Margaret Atwood cover artworks (book series) have been SELECTED to appear in the American Illustration 43 Annual Award Book. Great honor to be included in the book! Many thanks to the AI43 judges and Mark Heflin. In 2023 we created twenty-one covers artworks for the Margaret Atwood's masterpieces published by Corriere Della Sera. We are very grateful to Margaret Atwood @therealmargaretatwood @corriere @xxystudio. From over 8,000 entries, the AI43 Jury selected only 356 images by a majority vote or better to appear in the book and online galleries representing the best pictures from 2023.

Latest News

Awards and Honors

GOLD Medal Society of Illustrators NY

We are very happy and proud to announce you that we have won the GOLD medal by The Society of Illustrators New York, Illustrators 66 Annual Competition, institutional Category, for the "Sport" artworks series created for the 2024 Epson Calendar. Thank you so much to the SI66 jury and our special thanks to Epson and Gianluca Folì, Art Director, for this fantastic project.


Graphis Blog The Great Gatsby luxury edition

We are on

Step into the Gatsby-esque splendor crafted by us whose illustrious images in Beehive Books' luxury edition of "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald shimmer with glamour and avant-garde flair. Uncover our narrative behind each stroke on Thank you so much! we are very proud and grateful to Graphis and Beehive Books. They are all Platinum-winning image! Find the deluxe edition here
Children picture book

Sisters in Science new Italian and French editions 

Sisters in Science children picture book: for all our fans in Italy and France, another dream comes true! we share with you two new Italian and French editions after the first edition of the Penguin Random House USA! Thank you so much to EDT Edizioni (Italy) and to Editions Circonflexe (France). First edition Penguin Random House USA
Epson Calendar Spectacular 2024

Harmonious June

For the Epson Calendar 2024, we wanted to create a visual narrative with a human focus and with a strong perceptive and emotional impact, enhancing the expressive power of colour. Our work combines two core elements, graphic design and painting, with a clear reference to art history. The idea for the narrative path from dance to sport came from the famous sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space by futurist artist Umberto Boccioni, it represents speed and dynamism. We created compositions in which geometries, patterns, circles and lines interact with the human body in motion, creating 'abstract spaces' that stimulate vision. Thank You so much @epsonitalia

Awards and Honors

Platinum Winner Graphis Design 

 We just got the news that The Great Gatsby Illustration Series are a Platinum Winner in the Graphis Design Award 2024! Thank you so much to the esteemed Jury @graphis_inc and B. Martin Pedersen.  We created the design of the slipcase, the cover art and the interior illustrations for the luxury edition of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald published by Beehive Books and part of the Illuminated Editions 2022.

Awards and Honors

3x3 Best of Show Annual 20

A great emotion to be BEST of SHOW in the prestigious competition 3x3 International Illustration Annual No.20 for the cover images for Margaret Atwood’s masterpieces book collection published by Corriere Della Sera, the first Italian national newspaper. Thank you so much to all 3x3 jury, Charles Hively Margaret Atwood, Il Corriere Della Sera and XXY Studio. Find More here.

Article about us

Featured Graphis Journal 377

Do you know Balbusso Twins Artist Duo? If you want to get to know us, if you already know us but want to know the history of our career, if you  want to know how we work, you can read our story  inside the acclaimed Graphis Journal #377.  A quarterly print and digital magazine we hope inspires your creativity! Here’s a snippet of our QA on Graphis

GOLD MEDAL SI66 Epson Calendar Spectacular

Epson Calendar 2024 Spectacular , month by month: a journey to the rhythm of dance and sport, between colors and geometries.
Orbit Books USA

New cover art These Deathless Shores

Very excited about this new cover art created for the adult fantasy fiction These Deathless Shores by Phoebe Low Orbit Books (Hachette Group) USA. Paperback expected publication July 9, 2024. About the Story: Gorgeous and devastating, P. H. Low’s debut fantasy is a richly reimagined tale of Captain Hook’s origin, a story of cruelty, magic, lost innocence, and the indelible power of stories. Please visit our cover artworks gallery

Disney Books 2024

New cover art for Disney books!

Very proud, a great honor to have illustrated the Sylvia Doe and the 100-Year Flood by Robert Beatty cover book published by Disney Hyperion Books, issue October 2024. A big thank you to Phil and Robert Beatty for this amazing project! About the Story: A hurricane changes the course of a river and the life of a lonely girl in this nature-based mystery-adventure by the New York Times best-selling author of the Serafina series and the Willa series. Children's Middle Grade Mystery Action & Adventure.
Penguin Random House UK

New cover art Circus of Mirrors

We created the cover art for Circus of Mirrors by Julie, Penguin Random House UK. BERLIN, 1926: After the death of their parents, sisters Leni and Annette only have each other. Dreaming of better days, but desperate, Leni finds work at a notorious cabaret: the Babylon Circus. Publication date: 12/09/2024 Please visit our cover artworks gallery

HB Headline Publishing UK

New Cover Art Mary I Queen portrait

New cover artwork for Historical Fiction Mary I: Queen of Sorrows by Alison Weir, HB Headline UK 2024. We combine traditional painting and tools (acrylic, pen, pencil) with digital media.The decorations are all designed by us. We chose not to use virtual paintbrushes, and instead do all our paintings by hand. Please visit our Portrait Gallery

Trust Magazine Baillie Gifford & Co

AI Intelligence everywhere

New opening Illustration for Trust Magazine 48 Baillie Gifford & Co investment management firm. Why AI could be the printing press of intelligence. Gutenberg’s printing press unlocked immense value by making it easy to disseminate human knowledge, causing a cascade of beneficial second and third-order effects. AI could be the modern equivalent for intelligence, increasing our understanding and capabilities to a degree and scale that are hard to fathom. Please visit our PORTFOLIO GALLERY

Northwestern magazine winter 2024

The AI Will See You Now

New Illustrations by @balbusso_twins for Northwestern magazine winter 2024. The AI Will See You Now
Artificial intelligence can help improve the lives of millions of patients. by Clare Milliken. Less Tress During Pregnancy. Prenatal stress can lead to perinatal depression, preterm birth and low birth weight, among other complications. Thank you so much for this beautiful project @northwesternu. Find out more: Latest Graphic Projects Gallery

Epson Calendar 2024 Spectacular

Epson Calendar Spectacular!

The Epson Calendar 2024 is entitled Spectacular and bears the Balbusso Twins signature! Spectacular month by month: a journey to the rhythm of dance and sport, between colors and geometries. Thanks you so much to Severino Colombo for the article on  Corriere della Sera, the first Italian national newspaper! See more  Special Projects/Epson Calendar
  • Award: GOLD MEDAL SI66 2024 Epson Calendar, Sport Series artworks, Institutional category

The New Yorker 2023

The New Yorker Magazine Priscilla

On the occasion of the release of the “Priscilla” film we created our Priscilla Presley art for The New Yorker magazine. Article "It’s no knock to call Sofia Coppola’s bio-pic, starring Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla Presley, superficial, because surfaces are Coppola’s subject" By Anthony Lane November 3, 2023
Corriere Della Sera

Margaret Atwood’s masterpieces

We created the cover images of Margaret Atwood’s masterpieces for the exclusive series of 21 novels, essays, short stories and poems that the Corriere della Sera publisher in collaboration with the publisher Ponte alle Grazie has published in 2023. The volumes were on sale with the Corriere Della Sera, the first Italian newspaper, with weekly releases.
  • Award: 2023 3x3 Best of Show Professional Annual 20
  • Award: 2024 American Illustration 43 SELECTED Winner

University of Utah

U Magazine

Cover, opening and interior page illustrations for the University of Utah, U Magazine Summer 2023. Taking on Student Mental Health. As young adults grapple with emotional well-being, resources at the U and beyond are providing a crucial lifeline. BY BENJAMIN GLEISSER

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School.

Public Health magazine

Cover and opening illustrations for the Public Health magazine Spring/Summer 2023 of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School. Revolutionary War. A Constellation of Storms. The Threat of Infectious Diseases by Arturo Casadevall Infectious microbes constantly emerge and constantly mutate. To survive, we need extraordinary science and scientists.
1843 The Economist magazine

1843 The Economist 

Illos series for the online magazine of 1843 The Economist. Article: The loneliness of the long-distance abortion-seeker. Driving hundreds of miles for a termination exacts an emotional toll By Charlie McCann. Please visit our PORTFOLIO Gallery
Award: 2023 3x3 Merit Winner Professional Annual 20

We are represented by the Artists Agency

USA, Italian, French editions 2023
Last Picture Children Picture Book

Sisters In Science

Children picture book "Sisters in Science. Marie Curie, Bronia Dluska and the atomic power of Sisterhood", written by Linda Elovitz Marshall, published by Knopf Books for Young Readers Penguin Random House 2023 (first edition USA). It is a compelling biography of Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie and her sister Bronia, two trailblazing women who worked together and made a legendary impact on chemistry and health care as we know it. Awards:

  • 2023 Merit Award 3x3 Annual Show No. 20  
  • 2023 CA's Award of Excellence Illustration Annual 64
  • 2023 accepted into the Original Art show 43rd Society of Illustrators 
French edition  Editions Circonflexe: Marie Curie et Bronia Dluska - Le pacte des deux soeurs. Italian edition EDT Giralangolo Edizioni : Sorelle scienziate


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