Balbusso Twins Archive

On this page you can see some projects from the beginning of our career.

Abitare Magazine Cover design by Italo Lupi 2001

2001 Abitare Magazine (Italy)

In 2001, our first big project arrived. The internationally acclaimed designer Italo Lupi called us to illustrate a series of articles on Rex appliances for the prestigious Abitare Magazine. It was our first project where we mixed traditional tools with digital ones. Here we present exclusively the Abitare issues with our 28 illustrations. 
Madame Magazine Le Figaro France 2006

2006 Madame Figaro (France)

In 2007, the prestigious American magazine Communication Arts awarded our illustrations of the zodiac signs for Madame, a monthly supplement of the French newspaper Le Figaro, with the CA's Award of Excellence, giving us international visibility. We started working for the US and UK markets.

"We will soon update the gallery with new past projects from our archive, keep following us! "