Classic Literature Gallery

This gallery showcases a selection of our award-winning artworks of the most popular classic literature. The images have been used on illustrated books, cover books, magazines and posters. 
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen GOLD MEDAL Society of Illustrators NYC

Classic Literature

Our work on the great novels of classic authors began many years ago. We have been lucky to be able to illustrate many literary works for adult audiences, a truly niche production in the panorama of book publishing. We see illustrating a novel as making a film. Each project is a unique and unrepeatable journey. When we set out into a new literary world, we must imagine its characters, environments, costumes, sets, lights, color, feelings, emotions, and passions. In all our work, we draw on not only our knowledge of fine art but our training in graphic design, merging the two.

Literature masterpieces

We illustrated some literature masterpieces of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Henry James, Guy De Maupassant, Alexander Pushkin, Oscar Wilde, Charlotte Brontë, Geoffrey Chaucer, Ivan Turgenev and more... You can also visit our Illustrated Book Gallery and consult our Bibliography

Multi-Award Me+Tree Children Picture Book The Creative Company USA 2021
The Creative Company

Me+Tree Children Picture Book

Me+Tree by Alexandria Giardino, Creative Editions The Creative Company USA. A tree stump on an urban playground and a girl new to the neighborhood forge a bond with their life stories. They learn from each other how to find their purpose and foster healing in the world.
  • 2023 CA's Award Of Excellence
  • 2022 Shortlisted for The AOI WIA in the Professional Children's Publishing Category ⁠
  • 2022 Selected The Braw amazing bookshelf - 100 among amazing books - Bologna children’s book fair 59th edition
  • 2021 Merit Award 3x3 International Illustration Show No.18
  • 2021 Selected to appear in the American Illustration 40th anniversary annual award book and website
  • 2021 Accepted into the Illustrators 64 exhibit and book, Society of Illustrators NYC 
  • 2021  Accepted into Original Art Show, Society of Illustrators NYC