Designers for Peace Catalog 2022
Graphis Poster Competition United with Ukraine 

Designers for Peace

Balbusso Twins Graphis Silver Award and Honorable Mention international Designers for Peace competition. We created two posters: #StopWar and #PeaceNoWar. Special thanks to B. Martin Pedersen and Kit Hinrichs. Available the catalog on Graphis Store.

Posters Design

In this gallery you can see our posters created for special events, art galleries, limited editions, invitation exhibitions, current sensitive topics, protest posters. We are always available for new poster design projects!

Limited Edition Screen Prints

The Handmaid's Tale Set

The face, the mask, the wall, the blood, limited edition signed screen printing set of 4 posters. Artworks inspired by The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Each print was produced by White Duck Printing Studio in 7 colours inc. metallic silver, at 50x70cm, and in an edition of 100+AP’s. Below the screen printing process by ©2018 White Duck

International day against women's violence 2023

Protest posters by Balbusso Twins

Women Life Freedom

 #womenlifefreedom motion graphic. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.