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We share with you the article dedicated to our Epson calendar 2024 Spectacular, published in PRINT magazine and written by the prestigious Steven Heller. He has been writing for PRINT since the 1980s. He is co-president of SVA MFA Designer as Entrepreneur. He is the author, co-author and editor of over 200 books on design and popular culture. He was senior art editor of the New York Times for 33 years.
Graphis 377

Featured on Graphis Journal #377

The Graphis Journal is filled with thought-provoking, intimate, meaningful interviews and stories that take you inside the minds, work, and spaces of top designers, agencies, photographers, artists, and other outstanding creatives around the globe.

Graphis Journal #377

We are honored to be featured in the prestigious Graphis Journal Issue #377.
If you want to get to know us, if you already know us but want to know the story of our career, if you want to work with us and to know how we work, this is the perfect opportunity!
You can read our story and Q&As with the intro by Josh (Beehive Books USA) . We answered many questions by addressing many topics and recounting the beginnings of our career. A long interview plus images of some of our finest work. You'll learn the celebrations, challenges, and what inspired us along the way. Graphis Magazine was first published in 1944 by Walter Herdeg and Dr. Walter Amstutz in Zürich, Switzerland. Graphis is committed to presenting and promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration.


We have been featured in many, publications, books, online magazines, blogs including Graphis Journal #377, "The Power and Influence of illustration" and "Illustration The Third Edition 2023: A Theoretical and Contextual Perspective" by Alan Male Emeritus Professor of Falmouth University, Bloomsbury UK; Editorial Illustration: Context, Content and Creation by Andrew Selby, Bloomsbury UK; “Le Figure per dirlo” by Paola Pallottino, history of Italian women illustrators active from the 17th century to today by Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani; “Illusive Contemporary Illustration Part 4”, Gestalten. Our work has been recognized (over 100 Awards and Honors) by the Society of Illustrators New York,  the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles (SILA), the AOI, The Society of Publication Designers (SPD), Graphis Inc., Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), The University & College Designers Association (UCDA), The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA), Spectrum, Creative Quarterly, Applied Arts Magazine, Andersen Review, Lürzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators worldwide, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, BIB Biennial of Illustration Bratislava, The CJ Picture Book Festival Seoul Korea.

Publications, blogs, Q&A, review, articles

2024 Print Magazine  The Daily Heller: A Year to (Fondly) Remember? by Steven Heller 30 January 2024
2023 Il Friuli, "Il 2024 illustrato è "Spectacular" by Andrea Ioime, 24 November 2023
2023 Corriere Della Sera "Spettacolare e in movimento. Il 2024 futurista di Epson" di Severino Colombo Nov. 7, 2023
2023 Graphis Blog "Balbusso Twins’ Illustrative Style Revives ‘The Great Gatsby’ with Avant-Garde Flair" Graphis Inc. USA
2023 Graphis Journal 377, USA Illustrating with Two Souls: The Balbusso Twins
2022 Graphis Designers for Peace Posters, Graphis Inc. USA
2021 Qbart Quando basta l'Arte magazine, ArtéSello Association "Storie esemplari: balbusso Twins"
2021 kirkus reviews, me-tree
2021 www.comicsbeat.com Exclusive art: Jim Woodring, The Balbusso Twins, and more illustrate classic literature for Beehive Books. The Illuminated Editions line, available through a current Kickstarter campaign, pair classic works of literature with illustrations by some of the most talented cartoonists in the industry. By Joe Grunenwald 02/04/2021 
2021 Directory of Illustration #37  The Artists behind Cover NO. 37 Serbin Creative's annual Directory of Illustration
2020 361 magazine "Arte e illustrazione al tempo del coronavirus: 14 immagini che raccontano il momento che stiamo vivendo" by Giorgia Lo Iacono 
2019 Movies, Game, and Tech magazine, The Handmaid’s Tale from The Folio Society By Andrew Edney, 1 Maggio 2019 https://moviesgamesandtech.com 
2018 The New Current UK - book review of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Folio Society
2018 Yorokobu Magazine "Retratos renacentistas al estilo Barbusso" by  Mariángeles García, Spain https://www.yorokobu.es
2018  Digital Arts Magazine: illustrators The Balbusso Twins on creating art for the 20th century's most controversial novel. 2017 L’indice dei libri del mese, L’illustratore del mese: Anna e Elena Balbusso www.lindiceonline.com
2017 Yorokobu Magazine «El cuento de la criada», en ilustraciones by Javier Melendez Martin www.yorokobu.es
2017 Fine Books and Collections online Magazine “Reexamining Mother's Day with Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid's Tale” by Barbara Basbanes Richter www.finebooksmagazine.com
2017 Part 1: ‘Fantastic Fiction’ – Italy’s Illustrators of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Porter Enderson  publishingperspectives.com 2017 Q&A Fresh Paint, Artists & Illustrators, Chelsea Magazines, Summer n.380-2017 UK
2016 Picame Magazine article “Balbusso Twins le gemelle dell'illustrazione" by Andrea Beretta
2016 VAROOM 33 Magazine - Come Together by Derek Brazell
2015 Norman Rockwell Museum Illustration History  Balbusso Twins duo included among the artists of The Decade 2010-2020
2015 Fantascianza.com article: Premi Chesley, due italiane tra i finalisti.
2015 "Messaggero Veneto" Newspaper. Article "L' Andersen alle gemelle Udinesi Balbusso", May 20, 2015
2015 "Il Friuli" Newspaper. Article "Il ‘Premio Andersen’ in Friuli" by Andrea Ioime, May 19, 2015
2015 "The 24 Hours Sun" Newspaper. Article "Ragåzzi è festa per chi legge" by Armando Massarenti Sunday May 17, 2015
2015 Newspaper article "Gemelle da sogno americano" di Andrea Ioime, Il Friuli Cultura n.10, 13 marzo 2015
2015 Art & Design Magazine New York: Balbusso Q&A interview by Fred McCoy,
2014 Confidenze magazine Mondadori, article "Le conosci? All'estero sono già famose" di Rossana Campisi. P. 13 Anna e Elena Balbusso "Due gemelle, due Illustratrici pluripremiate" by Rossana Campisi
2014 AI-AP article on DART Design Arts Daily AI-AP by Peggy Roalf
2014 EL PAÍS BLOG CULTURA "ILLUSTRADOS": featured artists Anna+Elena=Balbusso, March 12 2014, Spain.
2014 ILLUSTRATION VOICE Winter / 22 Spotlight: Anna + Elena = Balbusso Twins, Two sisters who make beautiful art together, by Anne Telford
2013 3x3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, issue 21, 16 pages article. Interview by Max Casalini
2013 “Andersen Magazine”, article “Le scarpe di Charlie” by Walter Fochesato, October 15, 2013.
2013 Artists & Illustrators article "Balbusso twins shortlisted in V&A Illustration Awards 2013",  UK
2012 Artists & Illustrators "Seeing Double" by Chris Beanland, Dec. 2012, Chelsea Magazines, UK
2012 ""Le gemelle udinesi "Gold Medal" A New York" by Anna Rosso, Messaggero Veneto
2012 "Anna & Elena Balbusso: storie di successo" by Margherita Antinori, Come una gazza ladra, blog
2012 "Two Twins, One Design Career" by Steven Heller, The Atlantic Magazine USA website.
2011 The Folio Society Blog "An Interview with the Balbusso sisters" by Melanie Gradtke UK
2011 Il Friuli N.3, article titled "Gemelle d'oro" (Twins Gold) by Andrea Ioime. 
2010 Communication Arts Magazine Design Annual 51 Anna+Elena Balbusso identical twin sisters share a passion for illustration that has them working side-by-side by Bonnie Smetts
2005 "ANNA+ELENA=BALBUSSO ILLUSTRATIONS by Claudio Giumelli, Italo Lupi, Solo Exhibition 53° Premio Bancarella" Literature Festival Italy
2003 Anime Gemelle. Un'arte sospesa tra editoria e pubblicità, written by Walter Fochesato, Andersen Magazine n.191

Pregnant - The Handmaid's Tale 2021 Cento illustratori italiani santificati by Santo Alligo Little Nemo book
Communication Arts Illustration Annual 48 - 2007

Communication Arts 2007-23

We won no. 30 Awards of Excellence since 2007.  Communication Arts Illustration Annual issues from no.48- 2007 to no. 64-2023. 


We have been featured in many Illustration Annual Books published by the most prestigious illustrator associations and important international publishers in the field of illustration, graphics, art and design. Below the updated list 2007- to Present.

Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2007-2023

#17 Communication Arts Illustration Annual from # 48-2007 to n. 64-2023,  USA
Communication Arts Design Annual #51-2010, Click here to see the collection

America Illustration Annual Book

American Illustration Annual Book USA. Book collection  30-2011, 31-2012, 33-2014, 35-2016, 38-2019, 39-2020, 40-2021, 41-2022, 42-2023

3x3 Illustration Annual Book

3x3 Magazine n. 21-2013
3x3 Illustration Annual by Charles Hively, Artisanal Media LLC, New York. Collection #7-2010, #8-2011, #9-2012, #10-2013, #11-2014. #12-2015, #13-2016, #14-2017, #15-2018, #18-2021, #19-2022

Society of Illustrators Annual Book

Annuals of Illustration from #51/2009 to n.65/2023 Society of Illustrators New York US

Spectrum Fantastic Art Books

Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art di John Fleskes,  Flesk Publications, USA #20-2013 #21-2014, #22-2015, #23-2016, #24-2017, #25-2018, #27-2021

WIA AOI Annual Catalog

WIA World Illustration Awards AOI, Directory of Illustration, UK  2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022

Collective Books

2024 Graphis Design 2024 Awards Annual, Graphis Inc. USA
2023 Illustration. A Theoretical and Contextual Perspective by Alan Male, Bloomsbury UK
2022 Graphis Designer for Peace, Graphis Inc. catalog USA
2022 Editorial Illustration Context, content and creation by Andrew Selby, Bloomsbury UK
2021 Cento illustratori italiani santificati by Santo Alligo Little Nemo Italia
2019 The Power and Influence of Illustration by Alan Male Bloomsbury UK
2019 Le Figure per dirlo Storia delle illustratrici italiane by Paola Pallottino Treccani Libri, Italy
2019 Illustri Catalogo, Illustri Associazione, Vicenza Italy
2018 Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, Canada 2
2017 TDM9: W. Women in Italian Design di Silvana Annicchiarico, Corraini Edizioni, Itay
2017 Sante Donne di Silvana Annicchiarico, Corraini Edizioni, Italia
2017 Le immagini della fantasia 35 Catalogo Mostra, Fondazione Štĕpán Zavřel, Casa della fantasia di Sàrmede
2017 Autori di Immagine Annual Award 2017, AI Autori di Immagini Association Italy
2016 Les puls beaux chants de Noël, Hors Série Musique, Gallimard Jeunesse, Paris, France
2016 Illo 3x3 Illustration Directory by Charles Hively, Artisanal Media LLC, New York
2015 Women of Wonder: Celebrating Women Creators of Fantastic Art di Cathy Fenner, Underwood Books, USA
2015 Illusive. Contemporary Illustration Part Four, John O’Reilly & Gestalten, DE2015 Workbook n.38-2015, Workbook LLC, CA, USA
2015 Illo 3x3 Illustration Directory by Charles Hively, Artisanal Media LLC, New York
2012 Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, Canada
2012 Illo 3x3 Illustration Directory by Charles Hively, Artisanal Media LLC, New York
2012 Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art & Design, n. 26-2012, Artisanal Media LLC, New York
2012 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 11-12, Luerzer's Archive, Vienna, Austria
2011 -13 Les 25 plus belles histoires de Noël, Noël à La Nouvelle-Orléans» di Jean Jourdan, Gallimard Jeunesse, France
2011 Illo 3x3 Illustration Directory by Charles Hively, Artisanal Media LLC, New York
2010 Photography & Illustration Awards Annual, Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, Canada
2004 Personae Index ENI, "Anna & Elena Balbusso" by Alessandra Mina
2002 Operex: Your machines and you: 70 illustrations by Giovanna Zoboli, Abitare Segesta Italy
1998 Annual Illustratori 4, Associazione Illustratori, Ikon Editrice, Italia

Below a selection of books featuring our work