How we work

Welcome! If you want to work with us and you have new projects to propose, please feel free to CONTACT US ! We are always available to evaluate new collaborations and new projects, we love experimentation in all areas of communication.

Our work philosophy

We look at the quality of the project, not the quantity. We continually experiment with projects, doing research and aiming for excellence with an open-mind mentality. We prefer projects that allow us the freedom to experiment because two souls coexist in us: an artist and a designer. It’s necessary to be unpredictable, so personal research is important. We love images with strong ideas, synthesis, and strength of expression. Our goal is to create images that arouse curiosity and emotions while avoiding stereotypes. This is our daily challenge; it’s not easy, but we try!

Our Technique

We chose not to use virtual paintbrushes, and instead do all our paintings by hand. We mix traditional painting and tools (acrylic, pen, pencil, watercolor, collage, paper) with digital media. We use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign.  During this process, we test color many times through digital color proofs. Our final art is in digital format.

The Creative Process

The final artwork is only the tip of the iceberg of the whole creative process. You have to go very deep to get powerful images. Our work is not quick illustrations. We do not work in series, every project is unique!  It is important to study the Art history and to know the past as well as the present. In all our work there is a clear reference to artists and paintings. Most projects require a strong knowledge of art history. There is not a specific art period but Art in general, from Ancient Rome mural painting (frescoes at Pompei), Italian Renaissance, Romanticism, Modern Art  (Symbolism, surrealism, Russian constructivism, Italian Futurism) and Contemporary Art. We can choose very several ways!
The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood - Folio Society

Illustrated Book Projects

…it’s like making a film…
After carefully reading the story, we select the scenes we want to illustrate. We choose interesting points and also balance the number of illustrations throughout the whole book. We always start by talking and imagining what we want the project to be. It helps us to look at a lot of paintings from the period we are illustrating – in all our work there is a clear reference to artists and paintings. We make detailed notes about the characters and the scene of each illustration then conduct preliminary historical research to understand how best to create the characters and setting. We collect all of the references for each illustration – artists and art, sketches, photos of people… then we begin the rough drawings. We develop the idea through very different layout and compositions until we achieve the desired affect. We work and rework the illustration until we have a detailed visual of the scene. Make the art the best it can be in the time that we have for the assignment. We use graphite pencil on tracing paper then we digitalized our sketch and work it with photoshop.
U Magazine 2023 Pentagram Design USA

Conceptual Images

After studying the topic, reading the article and stressing the most important concepts, we try to define some ideas to develop. Our goal is to obtain an image strong and concise as possible and to center the topic well. We submit to you, generally two-three proposals  (digital grayscale layouts) to better convey the idea. In our style the role of color is very important. The composition and the interlocking of light and dark are the most important part of the sketch and often they build the idea.

Work Process

First Sketches

Step 1

When you have discussed with us and our Agency Shannon Associates all the assignment's details (usage, budget, copyrights contract agreement, schedule, style, size) we will work directly together on the project. After we have gathered all the required info from you we get to work on the idea development. The first step is the conception and creation of the sketches. In this phase, we’ve already carefully studied all the details. 

Gray Scale Layouts

Step 2

We submit to you some grayscale layouts very close to the final image. We provide explanations and written comments along with the sketches to communicate the ideas and interpretations of the subject in a clear, exhaustive way.  If you are happy with the direction of our initial proposals we proceed to the next stage but we can also proceed with any minor changes if necessary. In many cases, you also can request a color proof during the estimated costs phase. The color proofs of the comp conveys an idea very close to the final art. Once we receive your written approval we proceed with the final step: make the final color artwork.

Final Color Artwork

Step 3

The next stage of the process is to make the final color art.
 About our technique, gradually we developed a personal style where traditional methods - tools  (acrylic, gouache, pencil, pen, collage) were combined with digital programs, however we chose not to use virtual paintbrushes, and instead do all our paintings by hand with black gouache on paper. During this process, we test color many times through digital color proofs. Our final art is in digital format. After your final approval, we send you the hight resolution image in digital format like tiff, eps, jpg. Digital images can be rapidly transfered via e-mail, We transfer, Dropbox.
Atlas Shrugged Folio Society Book
Original artwork

Fine Art Prints for exhibitions

We produce unique exclusives fine art signed prints in our studio for specials events, exhibitions, auction sale. We are very picky about the quality and color of our prints. Our artworks are printed onto velvet 100% cotton fine art paper, acid free, in different sizes using Epson pigmented inks whose longevity is rated better than traditional prints. Each limited print is individually signed by us. We do not sell our fine art prints directly but you can buy them in some special events or in our official Fine Art Print shops as INPRNT and Dark City Gallery